The terrifying visage of the yokai known as "Umibozu", breaking from the surface of the sea

On a clear, cool night off the coast of Japan... when the moon is a wide white river on the surface of the sea... wary sailors stay close to shore, for they know that the Umibozu waits beneath the waves.


Umibozu is a famous yokai (ghostly apparition) that has been sighted off the coasts of Japan since antiquity. He most often appears on clear moonlit nights, and it is said his form resembles a gigantic black shadow with enormous white eyes and a smooth head. It is for this reason that he is named Umibozu, which translates to “Sea Monk”. Throughout the ages, Umibozu has also been described as a sea-monster with a scaly appearance, among others.


While Umibozu has a bad reputation for sinking ships and drowning sailors, he can sometimes come to bring good fortune. Should he appear while you are out at sea, it is recommended that you give him an offering of fish, a bucket with an endless bottom, or a wooden ladle.


-自宅 Home: The dark depths of the sea

-誕生日 Birthday: Unknown 

-性別 Gender: Assumed to be male

-好きな活動 Favorite Activities: Sinking ships and drowning sailors

-趣味 Hobby: Collecting bottomless buckets and wooden ladles





Hachyamaru, of Hasami Town   


The Japanse mascot Hachyamaru, of Hasami Town in Nagasaki Prefecture, waves at you.

Hachyamaru is the hardworking official mascot of Hasami Town, Nagasaki Prefecture! 

Equipped with an intensely curious gaze and an onsen (hotspring) on their head, Hachyamaru wears a Hasami-porcelain bowl and has an asparagus for a tail. Why is Hachyamaru a cat? Because Hasami town resembles a cat from above! Why does Hachyamaru wear a bowl and have an asparagus for a tail? Because those are the items that Hasami Town is known for!

When not honing their pottery skills in their workshop, Hachyamaru can be found visiting Hasami Town's pottery museum, or admiring the sakura trees around the town's main road in the spring. Although they don't say much, if you hang around Hachyamaru long enoug you might hear a soft "Nya~!" now and again.

-出身地 Birthplace: Hasami Town, Nagasaki
-誕生日 Birthday: Unknown
-性別  Gender: Unknown
-好きな物 Favorite items: Asparagus and Hasami Town rice
-趣味 Hobby: Crafting Hasami-pottery





Yahatainu, from the City of Kai  

The Japanese mascot Yahatainu, of the City of Kai in Yamanashi Prefecture, enthusiastically greets you!
As his name implies, Yahatainu is a dog that is also a Yahataimo potato (one of the City of Kai's locally grown items). 

He is a boy, and his birthday is a secret. His special skill is impersonating local potatoes. Yahatainu  officially has a cute personality, and he is sleepy and laid-back.  However, he doesn't like it if people touch the leaves on his head, and he'll get angry. His favorite food is of course Yahataimo potato (やはたいも), as well as Akasaka  Tomato Wine Beef (赤坂トマトワインビーフ), and other City of Kai specialties. His least favorite food is a secret.

Yahatainu's interests include: Radio Calisthenics, going on walks, dancing, napping, and other related activities. His 'sales points' are the Yahataimo leaves on his head, and when he sometimes holds Yahataimo potatoes in his hands.


 -出身地 Birthplace: The City of Kai

-誕生日 Birthday: Secret

-性別  Gender: Male

-好きな食べ物 Favorite food: Yahataimo potatoes, Potato Shochu, Asakusa Wine-Beef, and other City of Kai specialties

-趣味 Hobby: Radio calisthenics, dancing, and napping 





Taimee, from Minami Ise 


The Japanese mascot Taimee, of Minami Ise in Mie Prefecture, is a unique fish/tangerine hybrid!

In the tranquil sea-side prefecture of Mie, there exists a fish like no other! Taimee is the official mascot of the town of Minami Ise!

Taimee's father was a Sea Bream named TaiTarou (父:鯛太郎), and their mother was a  mandarin orange (母:みかん).  The fish of Minami Ise is of course the Sea Bream (鯛-Tai), as the town takes great pride in its aquaculture. This is the same 鯛 (Tai) that the snack (Taiyaki) gets its name from! The tree of Minami Ise is the mandarin orange tree (みかん). The town of Minami Ise is proud of its oranges, which are reported to be sweet, with a rich flavor!

The heart on Taimee's stomach is based on the famous Heart-Shaped Pond  (better translated to Heart-Shaped Bay) of Minami Ise, which seriously  looks like a heart when viewed from above.  The  flower pouch that Taimee always carries is in fact a Sakura. Minami Ise's flower is the Sakura, and in the spring a lot of  people come to experience the Sakura tunnel on main street.

-出身地 Birthplace: Minami Ise
- 誕生日 Birthday: October 1st
-性別 Gender: Currently unknown
- 好きな食べ物 Favorite food: Sea Bream fish and mandarin oranges from Minami Ise
-趣味 Hobby: Traveling all over Japan







The Japanese mascot Chiitan, the Tambatitanus! Chiitan is from Tamba City in Hyogo Prefecture, and their design is based on a rare dinosaur fossil that can only be found in the Tamaba City area.

Did you know that there's a Dinosaur only found in one place on Earth... Japan's Hyogo prefecture? That's right, Chi-tan the Tambatitanis is based on an actual dinosaur fossil, and just so happens to be the official mascot for Tamba City! 


This cute dinosaur is made up of the Earth's strata, and is on a mission to cherish life forever! The plant on his head represents how new life on Earth springs forth from the old, and is meant to be a hopeful sign for the future.


Chi-tan can often be found hanging around Tamba City's Dinosaur Jersey Park and museum.


-Birthday: 100 million years ago

-Residence: Hyogo Prefecture, Tanba City, Sannan District, Sasayama Sougun

-Likes: Tamba's  clean air and water

-Friends and Family:
Father: Toutan? (お父たん)?

Mother: Kaatan? (お母たん) ?

Friend: Kerotan the frog? (ケロたん)?

-Special skills: Protecting the earth that has created many lives, and cherishing life through eternity! 






The Japanese mascot Kabbuki, the official mascot of Komatsu City in Ishikawa Prefecture, strikes a pose!

Kabukki is based after the leading character Benkei, from the classic Edo period Kabuki drama “Kanjincho”  from the “Heisei Monogatari”. In the story, Benkei and his lord Yoshitsune disguise themselves as traveling monks to sneak through enemy territory. 


Kabukki works tirelessly as the “charm of Komatsu’s PR department” (not an easy job you know) and keeps everyone inspired with his catchphrase “Nankantoppa!” or “Break through obstacles!”. He is usually seen sporting his snazzy orange Hakama embroidered with the Komatsu emblem, but if you catch him in the garden you might catch a glimpse of his pink gardening pants....


With round eyes and sharp lashes to die for, this Kabuki actor is always the talk of the town! Stick with him and he’ll show you all around his lovely home prefecture of Ishikawa!  Now do the Kabukki pose and say “Iiyo Komatsu!”   


-出身地 Birthplace: Komatsu City

- 誕生日 Birthday: Febuary 10, 2010

- 年齢 Age: Well...

- 好きな食べ物:Vegetables from Komatsu

Komatsu Udon

-助言 Kabukki's tip: Don't wash your orange hakama with your white obi -__- 






The Japanese mascot Fukkachan, from Fukaya City, in Saitama Prefecture! With delicious leeks for antlers, this adorable Fukkachan sits on a flower.

What is a Fukka? Well, they’re creatures indigenous to the Fukayashi region of Saitama Prefecture! Something like a rabbit, something like a deer, a Fukka is rare to encounter in the wild, but if you’re ever lucky enough to meet one you’ll no doubt notice that their distinct horns... are made of negi (leek)! 

Fukkachan is the famous official mascot of Fukaya City! Sometimes a boy and sometimes a girl, Fukkachan has a determined personality that doesn't quit easy. When upset, Fukkachan is likely to pout, before going for a walk to let off the “negi-tive” energy.

How did Fukkachan become the official Mascot of Fukaya City? In a rigorous competition against 1406 applicants, Fukkachan worked their way to the top of the list, and ended up being bestowed the honor after being personally chosen by the elementary school students of Fukaya!


-好きな食べ物 Favorite Food: Fukkayashi steak and Bushu Wagyu

-Awards: Mascot Grand Prix 2014. Mascots Kid’s Choice 2015, Overall Winner at the 3rd Characters Collection contest! 

-性別 Gender: It depends. Who's asking? (・_・ヾ

-誕生日 Birthday: 平成22年6月28日 (but Fukkachan is also ageless)