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Fukkachan Accessory Basket
  • $7.50
Fukkachan Denim Pouch
  • $18.25

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A photo of the Fukkachan Maracas Plushie from the front. This stuffed animal toy is cute! Fukkachan's soft fur is white, and their suspenders and little hat are green, along with the tips of their green onion horns!with pink blushes beside their brown eyes and extra-cute mouth, Fukkachan has their arms raised as if they are happy to see you! On the front and center of their hat is the Japanese hiragana character 'fu', because Fukkachan is the mascot of Fukaya City.
Fukkachan Maracas Plushie
  • $12.00
Fukkachan Notebook (green)
  • $9.75
Fukkachan Sleeping Plushie
  • $17.00
Fukkachan x Mameshiba Mini Pouch
  • $11.50
Fukkachan Zipper Coincase
  • $6.50
Fukkachan, the official mascot of Fukaya City in Japan's Saitama Prefecutre, waves and smiles from a field of flowers! This can badge rests on a background of colorful konpeito, a popular japanese sugar confection that resembles colorful stars.
Fukkachan's Fieldtrip Can Badge (76mm) 
  • $3.00


Fukkachan's Fieldtrip Postcards Set (5)
  • $6.00
  • $4.00