Meet Tarutaru, the Slime-Like Water Fairy in a Barrel!

Greetings, mascot friend! It's time we reveal the curator of our upcoming 'Tarutaru Tumbles' Mix... you might have guessed it already, but the curator is Tarutaru, the official mascot of Tarumizu City in Kagoshima Prefecture!

This quirky mascot is a self-proclaimed 'water fairy' and is never seen without his unique barrel, which makes for a charmingly peculiar sight.


The mascot Tarutaru of Tarumizu City in Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture. He's a slime-like water fairy that wears a barrel.


But what, you ask, is Tarutaru? As much as we would like to answer that question, all we can do is smile and shrug, because Tarutaru is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma... inside a barrel. That is to say, there's isn't a lot anyone knows about this guy!



The mascot Tarutaru says "Good Morning!" to you and the bright yellow sun!


All that's know is this adorable character somehow ended up stuck in a barrel and has since made it its home. As a resident of a barrel, Tarutaru leads a life of admirable simplicity. Often found lazily lounging within his wooden abode, he is known to poke out his legs and walk around when roused. Come nighttime, he shuts the lid and blends in with any barrel in sight. But don't be fooled by his laid-back demeanor! Tarutaru possesses the amazing ability to extend his head high into the sky, a talent he proudly displays during hometown appearances!

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Tarutaru's hometown is Tarumizu City, a semi-tropical place in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima, with an easy-going atmosphere that has deeply influenced Tarutaru's personality. However, don't underestimate this barrel-bound mascot! There may come a day when he decides, "I can't stay like this," and sparks a revolution in Tarumi!

There remain countless mysteries about our dear friend Tarutaru.

  • Personality: Easygoing, Lazy
  • Specialty: Shooting his head high up into the air!
  • Hides in: a barrel
  • Catchphrase: 'I'm addicted to Tarumi.'
  • Place of discovery: Tarumizu City
  • Enjoys: Sleeping, distributing products from his hometown

The mascot Tarutaru cheers!


Join us in the upcoming 'Tarutaru Tumbles' and unravel more about this delightful, barrel-loving mascot. Until then, stay tuned and keep the fun rolling!